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Nov 25, 2012 6:00pm PST
marriage. on friday the court is expected to sift through appeals on the proposition 8 and defense of marriage act. the issue isn't what to decide but when to decide it. >> 'tis the season of giving. the one group who hopes you'll share the holiday spirit. >> the shocking crime that took hundreds of thousands of gifts away from some needy kids. >> get ready for another storm. meteorologist leigh glaser has a look at what you can expect. >> mike: i'm mike shumann. raiders quarterback carson palmer returned to cincinnati for the first time being traded and it got ugly. >> police in canada recovered hundreds of thousands of toys and box loads of food from the salvation army. the recovery was the successful three month investigation. police found enough stuff to stuff three tractor-trailers. >> officers located toys, personal products, as well. items donated to the salvation army, who are dedicated to the investigation, we're doing everything possible to identify who is responsible. >> ama: police believe the theft was an inside job because the goods were moved gradually over two years. t
Nov 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
mayan calendar end of the world profesy. >>> more service women suing the defense department saying the ban is unconstitutional. the aclu filed the suit today in court. abc 7 news vic lee is here with the story. vic? >> this is the lawsuit aclu filed today in san francisco. and it says many service women are engaging in combat but that the government turns a blind eye to that. >> taking fire for 20 minute autos major mary jenningsfç<ç hagar is a combat search and rescue pilot receiving a purple heart for injuries sustainedded when the chopper was hit. >> i received shap nel through face and arms and a burn on the back. >> the staff sargeant jennifer hunt has been an army reservist a decade. >> all four who filed suit have experience despite the defense department policies. >> they say in modern warfare, front line is everywhere. >> every time a woman, or any service member sits foot into iraq or afghanistan, they're >> because of the policy, women often not officially part of the units they're going on mission was. >> the policy one of the last policy that's preassume that's women ar
Nov 22, 2012 6:00pm PST
defense. at one point doctors say the wound was so severe they gave him only a 25% chance of living. he was in a medically coma almost a month. but the young man was fighting for his life. he was making small, but significant victories. four days ago, they took his breathing tube off, he uttered his first words. >> i went in there and i told him could you say hi, mom. he said hi, mom. and that is -- brought me to tears he was transfered to uc san francisco yesterday, then, today, another giant step. >>+jeoó the young man took his first steps, his nurse calls it miraculous. >> mazing and rare. he's a pretty good fight yes, i think. >> are you ready to get into your bed? >> the family is now enjoying tender moms with him. he's optimistic. >> everyone says they'll miss your smile. >> he's now able to smile at jokes. >> look at him now. he's strong. >> he's a miracle for thanksgiving. >> thanksgiving that we'll never forget. >> never. wishing him the best. >> coming up next, abc 7 news cheryl jennings reports and >>> thousands of families in the bay area grateful for a program offering hea
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3